Saturday, October 3, 2009

LA Amp Show

Hey folks,

I attended the LA Amp Show today. Just a couple blocks from the house at the Airtel Hotel next to the Van Nuys Airport. 70+ companies attended, lots of great sounding AMPs and some interesting guitars, and some familiar faces and friends.

Up first was a preamp FX pedal called the Skull Crusher by Tone Box. This monster is made of solid metal and shaped like a human skull, with glowing eyes. 4 channels, and tone knob and boost... delivered a nice rich, clear tone - nicely overdriven too. Check them out at

The most interesting Amp of the day may have been the DAR Powetone amp. With a clear window in the from of the chassis, the player gets a nice view of the glowing 6C33 power tubes, the same tubes used in Russian fighter jets, like the MIG, made to withstand EMP bursts from nuclear war. The sound and volume was huge and impressive.

Also of interest was the Fractal Audio programable, modeling preamp/pedal board. Great, realistic tones for recording and live performance, and not a bad price $1499-$1999 for the main preamp/unit. Check out

Egnater was showing their beautiful vintage inspired line including the Tourmaster, Rebel, and Renegade.

Even Peavey was showing their new Custom Built Amplifiers, with Celestion Speakers. -Nice. The Masterpiece 50 handwired, 2 channel head looked incredible. - Didn't get a chance to hear it, but take look for yourself:

Guitar buddies such as Carl Verheyen (on the "Tone Panel"), Rick Brannon, and Doug Doppler were in attendance. While no purchases were made, all and all a good hang.

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