Friday, February 3, 2012

Video Guitar Lessons

Hey there!

I have been posting youtube video guitar lessons over the last few months, and I wanted to post a few all at the same place...

Want a fresh approach to your two-hand tapping licks? This first video, examines a two handed tapping lick that uses two strings at a time. Years ago, when I was in college in Pittsburgh, I took a guitar lesson with Reb Beach, guitarist for Winger at the time (now with Whitesnake). He showed me his approach to tapping, which is truly unique and complex... and he showed me the idea of tapping, where the left hand hammers on to a note on the next string, in order to perform continuous sequences across the fretboard. Stealing this idea, you'll see below how I tap a note with my right hand, pull-off to a note held with my left hand, then hammer on the next note in the arpeggio on the string below, with my left hand. This allows me to perform more melodious parts with wider intervals than if I tried to do it all on one string.

I'm a big fan of easy and/or consistent ideas for guitar. This next lesson sounds great, but is pretty easy to perform and the same pattern gets repeated up the neck. This works over an A dominant chord and/or blues progression. As the pattern climbs the neck, it outlines notes from the minor pentatonic scale, the major 3rd from the dominant chord, as well as the chromatic passing tone from the blues scale, with a diminished sound over all.

How to get that "outside" sound... easily. This video lesson shows you my "secret weapon". Years ago, I asked jazz guitarist, Henry Johnson, advice on how I can achieve that "outside" sound I often heard from jazz guitarists as well as Alan Holdsworth. I also asked him to keep it simple, so I could implement it easily as a rock guitarist. Below is what I what taught. Whip this out at your next jam session and watch heads turn!

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