Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Take Your Guitar Solos to the Next Level in Just Three Free Lessons


I wanted to share with you some of the concepts and ideas that I include in my regular practice routine. These video lessons will walk you through some sequential ideas, string skipping, and even a scale that might change your life.

When I am practicing scales, arpeggios, chord shapes, etc., I like to practice them in a musical context. I usually pick a key or two, and work through the scales' positions in that key, or for arpeggios and chords, I'll play through that key's chords (Major, minor, minor, Major, Major (dom), minor, diminished). To make the experience even more musical, I might practice these things over some backing tracks, allowing me to hear them in context with actual music.

This first video walks you through a bit of my Pentatonic scale workout:

This next video lesson, takes a similar approach, but to the diatonic (major/minor) 3-note-per-string scale positions:

This last video is a bit of a Youtube hit, with over 158,000 views, and is sure to make your solos more interesting:

Good luck and keep practicing!

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