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What Everyone is Saying about 'Tone Poet' (Press and Reviews)

Below you will find all reviews and press for my newest album, "Tone Poet". Keep checking this blog entry as more press and reviews will be added as they come.

"Tone Poet is definitely one of those albums where the sum is greater than the parts and the way the album flows across styles so effortlessly is one of its main strengths. The recording too is excellent – the punchiness of the drums really adds a lot to the dramatic impact here that Galysh has strived for." - ProgMetalZone.com

"Technical proficiency is alive and well on this offering of half pop-metal songs, and half melodic prog instrumental workouts". - Modern Drummer 

""Tone Poet" presents an entertaining balance of melody and menace - power and passion." - Prognaut.com

    Read the whole review by clicking here:  http://www.prognaut.com/reviews/adrian-galysh3.html

Artist Empowerment Radio Podcast Interview

*An interview with Bob Baker for his podcast, "Artist Empowerment Radio". Bob is the author of the excellent book, "Guerrilla Music Marketing for Musicians", which I highly recommend! 

    *Have a listen to Part 1 here: http://bob-baker.com/buzz/music-endorsements-sponsorships/

    *Have a listen to Part 2 here: http://bob-baker.com/buzz/guitar-instruction-videos/

Seymour Duncan Interview

Adrian talks Tone with Seymour Duncan pickups' Jay Hale in this interview. Read the complete interview here: http://www.seymourduncan.com/blog/backstage-pass/adrian-galysh-the-tone-poet/

"Guitar fans will love this album as will prog metal fans as Adrian’s playing and songs complement Mark Boals vocals so well." - GetReadyToRock.me.uk

"Every once and a while a musician comes along and releases an album that truly deserves attention and accolades.  In 2013, that musician is guitarist Adrian Galysh and the album is Tone Poet... Tone Poet rocks, is creatively excellent and sonically superb. Buy this one and play it loud and often." - ClassicRockRevisited.com

     Read the whole review by clicking here: 

Guitar Player Feb. 2014

"You don’t even have to be a “guitar guy” to get into this one, you just have to have an appreciation for rock music that’s on the creative side." - HardRockHaven.net

     Read the whole review by clicking here:  

"In the daily muddle of music submissions, every once and a while, there comes an album that's bright and refreshing, even unexpected. Such is the case with guitarist and composer Adrian Galysh's fourth album, Tone Poet." - DangerDog.com

     Read the whole review by clicking here:  

9/10! "This is something different and wonderful, and it should be savored". - Power Play Magazine (April 2014)

"It's remarkably understated for a solo album by a virtuoso guitar player and is full of really nice melodic moments and can be rewarding to repeated listens. If you have wide musical horizons and enjoy tasteful musicianship then 'Tone Poet' is definitely worth a listen." - MetalTalk.net

Read the whole review by clicking here: http://www.metaltalk.net/columns/20106627.php

"If you seek music that is different, moving, and mind expanding; your search is over, 'Tone Poet' is sure to satisfy and it's a keeper. The musicianship on this recording is truly world class." - Tony Cruz Sison

      Read the whole review by clicking here: 

Interview with Dedicated Rocker Society 

"Hailed by critics and fellow musician alike, Los Angeles guitarist Adrian Galysh, showcases his guitar talents with anthem-like instrumentals, that put the focus squarely on catchy, memorable melodies. "I suppose its because I grew up listening to the hard rock bands of the 70s and 80s, like Van Halen, Scorpions, and Deep Purple," Galysh testifies, "I always enjoyed big riffs, catchy choruses, and interesting musical hooks". - The Dedicated Rocker Society

Interview with Classic Rock Revisited

"Classic Rock Revisited caught up with rock guitarist Adrian Galysh’s new album titled Tone Poet, which features vocalist Mark Boals and Styx drummer Todd Sucherman.  The album is a rich, well crafted, brilliantly composed work of art. In the interview below, Adrian takes time to share how the album came to be, his creative process, how he approaches guitar solos and his future plans.Enjoy this interview with a guy that may be under the radar, for now, but with Tone Poet, will be growing in both reputation and popularity."

     Read the whole interview by clicking here: http://www.classicrockrevisited.com/show_interview.php?id=1011

"Although Adrian was soloist, but this album Tone Poet, contained half vocalized track. This unfortunately makes him 'half-banned' from the guitar shred instrumental album. But his half of instrumental tracks really paid off the situation and make it great for guitar fans. Check him out as well as this awesome album." - MetalHarem.blogspot.com

Read the whole review by clicking here: http://metalharem.blogspot.com/2014/01/favorite-guitar-shred-instrumental.html

"Melodic, yet powerful is how I would sum up the music of  Tone Poet from Adrian Galysh. The fluidity of his work on the fret-board is hypnotic and magical. If you love music made for the love of music Tone Poet by Adrian Galysh is a necessity in you music collection." - TheHellionRocks.com

      Read the whole review by clicking here:  http://thehellionrocks.com/2013/12/04/adrian-galysh-tone-poet/

"Galysh has crafted an album with an abundant musical landscape with plenty of multi layered musical pieces featuring choral vocals, orchestral pieces and keyboards alongside his guitar which obviously takes the focal point of all the tracks." - Woody's Melodic Rock and AOR Reviews
     Read the whole review by clicking here:  http://www.woodysrockreviews.co.uk/album-reviews/adriangalysh-tonepoet

"The album begins with a church-like choir, bringing Galysh's two-minute solo on to a higher purpose in "Resurrectis." The band moves like a tight unit through "Brick By Brick" as Galysh combines orchestration with his hard rocking solo. The tempo slows down quickly for the power ballad "When You Fall," which showcases Boals' vocals perfectly." - JP's Music Blog

"A chorus, an orchestra, and Adrian Galysh's guitar opens Tone Poet. His lead lines weave over piano and something seems to be brewing, as if this is an opening overture to a larger experience." - SeaOfTranquility.org

     Read the whole review by clicking here:  http://www.seaoftranquility.org/reviews.php?op=showcontent&id=15725

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