Tuesday, July 24, 2012

New Album Update and New Song Demo

I have been hard at work making progress on the new album called "Tone Poet". Last week saw guest vocalist, Mark Boals, laying down some fantastic tracks and great harmonies. 
So far, it looks to be 12 tracks, and features rock, metal, world music and classical influences. A lot of the tunes feature acoustic guitars - more so than on previous efforts. If I were to describe it using comparisons, I'd describe it as Eric Johnson meets Dream Theater & Deep Purple, with Peter Gabriel and Trevor Rabin producing...
The songs have a variety of styles, some with modern backdrop of sounds and instrumentation, and a couple even have a choir! Sonically, this will be the best sounded Adrian Galysh album to date by far. 
Up next is to start tracking drums, then I will re-track any scratch guitar parts on the demos.

Below is a sample of a classical inspired track, tentatively entitled "Resurrectis" - Enjoy!

Adrian Galysh: Earth Tones

Adrian Galysh: King Friday

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