Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Adrian Galysh's Gear & Live Rig Overview

I wanted to share with you a run down of all the gear, guitars, effects and amps that I use. This is the stuff I use live as well as in the studio.

As you may know by now, my main axe is the iGuitar Workshop/Brian Moore Guitars "Adrian Galysh Signature C90F". http://iguitarworkshop.com/C-90FAdrianGalysh.aspx

Features and specs:
• Adrian Galysh Signature Headstock
• Comfort Contoured Mahogany body
• Spalted maple top with Satin finish
• 22 fret Maple neck 25.5" scale, 15" radius
• Rosewood fingerboard • 6105 Frets
• Matching Sculpted Headstock • Abalone "M" logo
• Seymour Duncan Alnico II neck
• Seymour Duncan JB bridge
• Floyd Rose tremelo
• Gold Hardware • Sperzel locking tuners
• Available left handed at no extra charge

Available factory direct, and customizable with optional left handed model, piezo pickup, and 13 pin synth access.

My other "main" guitar is a green Brian Moore C-55. It has a Seymour Duncan JB in the bridge position and two Hot Rails, with a 7-way super switch as well. Beyond these two work-horses, I have my first electric guitar, a 1987 black Gibson Les Paul Standard, which sounds great for tracking rhythm guitar. I also use a Yamaha APX 9C electric acoustic guitar for recording and the occasional live performance. This guitar is used a lot on the new album, Tone Poet. Also in the "vault" (ok, my studio closet...) are a Epiphone Jeff Baxter electric acoustic, an ESP Eclipse Gold Top, a custom Peavey "Ecoustic" with scalloped fretboard, an white Ibanez Jem 777 (signed by Steve Vai!),  a Gretch  Electromatic, an Ibanez Artcore hollowbody, and a Brian Moore i9 with MIDI access. 

For Strings, I exclusively use SIT Strings' "Power Steel" stainless steel Light Gauge, and Royal Bronze .011's for acoustic guitars. They sound great and last long. Visit www.sitstrings.com for more info.

My live rigs consists of: Marshall JMP 1 Preamp, Alesis Quadraverb, Peavey Classic 50/50 Power Amp, Morley ABY, Bad Horsie, Boss Tremolo, MWR Phase 90, MXR Carbon Copy. Visit www.morleypedals.com for more info. 

Leave a comment below and let me know what your guitar rig is!

Visit www.AdrianGalysh.com

and get a FREE MP3 of my song "Ventura Blvd." featuring Mike Keneally and Carl Verheyen!


  1. Awesome. I like the great sounds you get out of a relatively modest set up. They say tone is in the player though. Love your playing and CDs.

    I am currently using a Tom Anderson Drop Top as my main guitar, a Bogner Ecstasy head, various cabs with V30's or 25w Greenbacks, and a bunch of TC pedals as well as a Teese Wah and a Fulldrive 2 OD box for a few things.

  2. i'm really impressed with your brian moore c-55, the 7-way switch i've never seen such things until you show that on the video

    i'm using a custom guitar which is got 4 pickups in it, 2 single coil sized humbucker and 2 single coils, and also the Jackson Kelly KE3, and Boss GT-10

  3. I must agree with Mr.Solahuddin, those B.M. quitars do look impre$$ive;I even think Mr.John Goodsall plays a few of them, no wonder why! but alas here i am a newly embodied bass player for the sake of JAZZ,although still play my 7 stringed LTD with seymour duncans humbuckers in a noise rock band called the rolling stains but i wonder if there is a brian moore fretted or fretless bass model cause right now im playing a Dean fretless 4 stringed and a 6 string BTB Ibanez trough a crappy line6 bass pod for just some chorus but my Dean bass just dont cut it through, all this is amped by a soundtech P.A. that sounds fairly shitty but, what the hell? Im also saving up for a used piano; i love those motherf&%"! also have an audiokeyrig that i never could get to work Damn!also looking forward listening more of your music since i understand youre also a Keneally´s fan.GRReetings from your humble listener.

  4. Schecter Damien 6, I've swapped the bridge EMG-HZ out for a Seymour Duncan Duncan Distortion SH-6. Blackheart BH15 Handsome Devil combo (Awesome!) Korg Toneworks AX100G FX, Piranha Cables, Neutek(?) Silent connectors. All pretty much, no frills, but "IN YOUR FACE!" :-D

  5. nice sound with a relative small set, I use a washburn N2 and a fernandes retrorocket, then it goes to -- cry baby --- pmscreamer (custom made overdrive) -- pal 909(custom made distortion) -- boss Ch-1 super chorus-- boss digital delay dd7--- then goes to my laney lv300 twin, i usually use the overdrive for rythm and the 909 mostly for boost my solos, would you recommend me to use a pick up booster for that? or use a graphic EQ? or still using mi distortion for that?

  6. I find that the Seymour Duncan pick up booster works well to make either an overdrive pedal sound like a full-lead with a good amount of sustain and saturation.

  7. Nice Adrian! I use custom shop strats with Bill lawrence noiseless single coils into Pog,Clyde, korg pitch black tuner,Ultimate octave, whirlwind phaser(ultimate phase 90)mini deja vibe,mxr micro flanger reissue, mxr micro flanger (original 1981) keeley fuzz head, menatone red snapper,Emma pisdiyauwot,maxon od 808 with mod,Robin trower overdrive,T.C. hall of fame, T.C. flashback packed onto a 24" LYT pedal board with 2 voodoo lab pedal powers. Into a Class A Snider amp with 2x12 cab loaded with celestian vintage 30 and greenback 25.

  8. I use more than I should. My primary rig is one of two Suhr Telecasters, both SSH, one with a Floyd and the other with a Fishman bridge, those go into an Axess GRX-4 switcher that holds three dirt pedals in it's loop. They are an RC Booster, a Suhr Shiba and a XTS Modded Boss GE-7. Then it's to the front of my old Guytron GT-100, which was modded slightly so that it can run a little hotter than most. The FX section is an AxeFX Ultra (no modelling used, just FX) with an old Eventide H3000 D/SE in the loop of the Axe. Chorus and various modulation effects come from the H3000, everything else is from the AxeFX. The cabinet is either a Marshall 4X12 loaded with 100 watt celestions or a Boogie 2X12 with V30's. I use an Axess FX-1 to control it.

    In the studio there is a VHT/Fryette D120 and my 1965 Fender Bassman for cleans.

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